We're pleased to announce our first collaboration with a featured local artist - Andrew Walker Ceramics. 


Andrew Walker is an experienced ceramic artist, creating hand-built contemporary pieces. His work mainly consists of functional hand-built vessels, starting out as rolled slabs of terracotta, stoneware and black clay. 

Andrew’s work is on display in our Meeting Point Café as well as the Square Kitchen’s showroom where his modern industrial aesthetic finds a natural backdrop. 

Whether you’re looking for a statement ceramic art centrepiece for your home or the ideal gift for a creative loved one, these individual hand built pieces of art are the perfect gift.

‘Inspired by our industrial landscape I take a simple approach to design and form, often combining geometrical shapes to construct vessels that try to bridge the gap between functional and sculptural.’


Andrew Walker Ceramics


Andrew Walker Ceramics



Andrew has his own studio in Works 57 Sheffield, just off Abbeydale Road where he teaches small groups hand building classes using slab, moulded and draped techniques. If you’d like more information about current workshops take a look on his website here.

In addition to offering workshops, Andrew also has an online shop featuring his latest work along with being happy to take on commissions should you be looking for something unique for your home.

For more information visit Andrew’s website here