After a period of several weeks of closure we now have a team back within the business making preparations which means that in accordance with the latest Government announcement we can hopefully reopen on Monday June 15th. Whilst our doors still remain closed to customers we want to assure you that we are working hard behind the scenes to get your goods out to you and make our store environment safe.

As there is now a small team within the business you can call us on 01142 550 075 from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm with any enquiries whilst we work towards reopening. Please be aware that we are dealing with a lot of enquiries but will be sure to be in touch soon and thank you for your patience. You can also email us through with any concerns and queries or use our online chat facility during these hours.  

We’d like to thank all our customers for their understanding during this difficult time and would like to share the following measures we’re introducing to ensure your welfare is our number one priority as we work towards a return to normality over the next few weeks.



We have now started to arrange safe non-contact deliveries and collections for customers who have outstanding orders with us. Our two man delivery teams have been trained in how to perform deliveries in a safe way which include using the recommended personal protective equipment.

We are working through all enquiries we have received over the past several weeks to make suitable delivery arrangements wherever possible.

We will speak with each customer on an individual basis to assess your particular needs. When it comes to making non contact deliveries we need to ensure:

  1. That you are able to give us safe solitary access to the chosen room in your house whilst you remain in another area of your property.
  2. That you are not in a vulnerable group or in contact with a vulnerable group.

    Our two man delivery teams are working in isolation together to limit the amount of contact they have with other members of our transport staff. We have also installed hand sanitising equipment on all our vans to increase safety in between deliveries for our drivers and customers.

    As you would expect there are delays from suppliers for orders placed before lockdown but we are in constant contact with them and are now in a position to accept all safely organised deliveries from suppliers into our warehouse in order to start scheduling deliveries out to customers.



    As a large independent retailer we are lucky to have over 60,000 square foot of retail which means that social distancing for all customers and staff will be relatively straightforward. In addition to this we have also taken the following measures.

    1. Before we reopen we have already installed numerous hand sanitising stations around our buildings and placed them at main entrances.
    2. The foam based sanitiser used at these stations contains no harmful chemicals, does not wash off and lasts on skin for 24 hours. We have also invested in further personal protective equipment for staff to give added protection should our customers feel this is needed for their personal requirements. 
    3. There will be clear social distancing signage across the store as reminders to keep a 2 metre distance between others and signage at entrances to remind all customers and staff of social distancing best practice. 
    4. We are working on the Covid Secure Risk Assessment which is the Government standard and we tick all the 5 boxes necessary to be able to reopen.
    5. All staff will be trained on social distancing and hand-washing protocol and customers will be encouraged and reminded to stay 6 feet apart within the store.
    6. We will have disposable paper pillow cases when trying mattresses, sneeze screens and lots of soap and water available throughout the store.
    7. Our Meeting Point Café will remain closed upon the reopening of the store until it is deemed safe to re-open and have groups gathering in close proximity. 



    Sanitiser stations have been installed across the store