Natuzzi Editions

Natuzzi Editions' are revolutionary manufacturers of high-quality leather sofas.
Focusing on the key values of comfort and craftsmanship the Editions upholstery collection of sofas and armchairs covers a wide range of styles - offering something for every taste. When a comfortable, stylish sofa is needed Natuzzi Editions' sofas offer you endless, stylish selections no matter which room you are shopping for. Whether your look is contemporary, traditional or somewhere in between, stationary or with motion; we have the perfect sofa for your room.

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Amicizia C011Natuzzi Editions AmorevoleAudacia C018Natuzzi Editions Brama C070Calma C056Curioso C107 Ernesto B726Estremo C126Felicita C014Forza B790Natuzzi Editions - Gioia Natuzzi Editions GregLeggiadro C143Natuzzi Editions ModusPiacere B988Poli C196Portento C142Quiete C009Regina B903Solare B817Sollievo B845Speranza C054Spiritosa C117Stima B940Natuzzi Editions Tommaso B634Trionfo C074Natuzzi Editions Versatile

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