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Interiors trends for 2021 | Rustic Elegance

by Roxana Pelin 27 Jan 2021
<br>Interiors trends for 2021 | Rustic Elegance

If there’s one thing that seems certain this year with just days to go before January ends, then that’s the fact we’ll probably be spending more time than ever in our homes this year. Whilst we all remain hopeful that’s there’s light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, the opportunity to think of new ways to invigorate our homes as Spring approaches is a chance to look at new trends and see if there’s something that will work for you.

So, in the first of a series of pieces discovering which trends homeowners are currently being drawn to, we explore the escapism of ‘Rustic Elegance’ a look that brings together key elements of a traditional country cottage with more modern touches whilst allowing textures and imperfections to be part of the overall scheme.

Paint imperfectly and leave some texture

If you have an area with wood paneled walls, an old set of bookshelves or cabinet that needs a lick of paint, then let some of the original texture come through. This look isn’t about creating a perfectly plastered ‘Stepford Wife’ newness around the home. You’re allowed to be a little more relaxed when making things rustic. 


Vintage Objects, imperfect painted accents and interesting clutter make for understated rustic elegance
(Photo by Nick Hillier on Unsplash)


Mix floral fabrics with checks, plaids and cool neutral linens.

Creating a rustic elegant look is the antithesis of ‘matchy matchy’ interiors. If you’re afraid of overloading on the chintz factor then choose a sofa upholstered in a cool, neutral linen like the Kandinsky Sofa by Tetrad which you can layer with contrasting scatter cushions in brighter floral hues and herringbone wool throws to give the room an elegant yet cosy touch.

Want a rustic look whilst keeping upholstery neutral? The Kadinsky is the perfect choice

Add vintage touches

Interesting objects needn’t cost the earth. A quick search on eBay will bring back loads of Singer sewing machines or vintage typewriters which will add a fab focal point amongst displays of books and other decorative accents (bonus if you can actually use these items to write a novel or make an outfit on).

Perfect for pretending you sew in your spare time

(Photo by Angela Bailey on Unsplash)

Clutter can be cool

Let’s be honest, does anyone want to live in sterile show home readiness twenty-four seven? Rustic elegance is a scheme that invites you to pile up interesting clutter on surfaces whether that’s your favourite stack of books or a collection of art materials to have close at hand when the muse strikes you.

Be creative with your clutter. It’s amazing what you can do with a pile of books

(Photo by Darwin Vegher on Unsplash)

Most importantly creating an interior that evokes rustic elegance is all about a feeling relaxed and surrounded by the things you love. We can’t all escape to the country at the moment but by incorporating elements which feel real and human around the home this trend gives us the opportunity to escape into ourselves.


Written by Luke O’ Neil
Head of Marketing , Ponsford

Top Feature Photo by Rob Wingate on Unsplash

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