Splendore di Venezia is the latest rug collection from Louis de Poortere. Made of simple designs restyled with bright colours and shiny yarns, this collection is yet another proof of the excellent reputation Flemish textile products have throughout Europe.

The Flemish weavers are known for delivering beautiful rugs of outstanding quality, as well as creating timelessly stylish pieces to help you complete your perfect interior look. The vintage look of the Splendore di Venezia is combined with a luxurious feel, made out of 85% cotton and 15% polyester raffia blend and with a 100% cotton integrated woven backing for low maintenance and maximum strength, ensuring the rug is of the highest quality.

Inspired by the opulence and splendour of classical Venice and made using high-gloss polyester raffia and a flat tape-like continuous yarn, this collection is truly unique. Combined with the weaving process twisting and turning the high gloss bronze, silver and gold yarns, these pieces have a stunning dazzling, shimmering effect. Mixed with cotton chenille and woven into striking geometric and abstract patterns, this rug collection is available in seven small-scale geometric designs and four standard sizes in to enhance and bring to life every home interior.

If you’re looking for sumptuous comfort for your home then these Jacquard Flatweave have an added advantage of withstanding a lot of wear and tear and come in a choice of colours in contemporary, fashionable tones.

Split into several exclusive rug designs, Louis De Poortere aims to please most of the trends in today's interior design industry, by combining geometric shapes and stripes with incredible colour options like turquoise, flashy orange or purple to name but a few.

Dolomiti - Blu Rosa 9009

Dolomiti - Blu Rosa 9009

Nuovo - Oro 9014

Nuovo - Oro 9014

Quadrini - Arancione 9019

Quadrini - Arancione 9019

Rombo - Grigio Scuro 9040

Rombo - Grigio Scuro 9040


The Cubetti design of the Splendore collection shines a thousand lights and comes in three different colours: grafite, beige brillante and iridio.


Dolomiti displays a unique design restyled with bright colours and shiny yarns which comes in five different colours: blu rosa, rodio, titanio, uranio and verde ferro.


The Gattopardo design comes in three different colours: bagera, savana and neve.


The elegant Laccetti design shines like glitter under the light and comes in four different colours: mare, rugiada, sabbio and antracite.


Inspired by the Art Deco, the Nuovo designs reveal subtle silver and gold yarns and comes in four different colours: oro, cromo, rame and argento.


Some touches of colour and brilliance draw the rectangular lines of this rug. The Quadrini design comes in three different colours: giallo, arancione and malva. 


Diamond shapes to bring out the brilliance of this unique rug, the Rombo design is available in five striking colours: blu grigio, carbone, talpa, grigio chiaro and grigio scuro. 

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