It’s likely that your dining room has been host to many festive get togethers over the past month and has had to endure everything from accidental spillages to burning hot dishes as a result.

So today, we’re looking at how an interior refresh is the right way to kick start your year by providing you with accessories, dining table and chairs that will impress your guests when hosting your next dinner party.

Statement looks

If you’re looking for a statement dining room, then you’ve come to the right place. Our collections are home to many dining room sets that will have your dinner guests in awe as they enjoy your fabulous spread. Whether you’re looking for a statement dining table to fit a light, spacious room or a simple design to suit darker shades in your cosy room, we have a statement table for you.

To create a statement feel while also achieving an effortlessly simple style, then look no further than the Aleal Madison collection. Its boutique characteristic combines greys, beiges, creams and purple tones that will give your dining room a touch of glamour with its high-end gloss finish. The extending rectangular dining table and luxurious chairs, completed with a collections mirror, will have your guests wined and dined without sacrificing any comfort.

If you’d prefer your dining room to incorporate darker tones, prepare to be spoilt by choice in our Matera collection through the variety of furniture combinations on offer. The dining table alone is a statement piece, but with the addition of the cutting-edge design chairs and glass display cabinet, your room is sure to boast luxury without looking overly busy.

Traditional and modern looks

If your taste is more focused on keeping an eye catching design but not having one piece as the focal point then you might be more suited to one of our more traditional and modern looks.

The Modena Oak collection provides you with luxury furniture without overdoing it. So, if you want your dining room to be the main focal point in your home, with over 25 pieces in the collection, you have the choice to make it as detailed or simple as you want. From the dining table and a lamp table, to the hanging cupboards and display cabinets, you are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to creating your ultimate dining room.

A solidly built, yet finely defined design, will suit any traditional but modern taste. You’ll be able to pick from a selection of solid hardwood fittings that will leave you with an inviting dining room for many dinner parties to come. The Winsor Haven collection has many subtle design elements which will help you achieve a classy, traditional look. Inject some bold colours such as mustards or deep silver greys through your dining room set, lamp shades or vases to bring in a vibrant yet complementary modern element.

Matera Dining Table

Matera Dining Table

Aleal Madison Dining Table

Aleal Madison Dining Table

Bordeaux Dining Table

Bordeaux Dining Table

Winsor Heaven Dining Table

Winsor Haven Dining Table


Farmhouse looks

Well designed and strategically placed in your home, a farmhouse style can make for a fantastic dining room. Think along the lines of cream colours, natural oak tops, solid metal handles and wooden chairs which will give the dining room a luxury finish while maintaining plenty of authentic character.

Depending on how extravagant you want to go in terms of your design style, there are two collections that could fit your taste. The Mary Rose collection has more of a rustic and upcycled look that would look amazing in the right setting, whereas the Bordeaux collection would suit a more modern alternative.


At Ponsford, we’re proud to supply luxury furniture choices that suit a variety of individual styles and tastes. Discover more by exploring our full dining room collection range online or, alternatively, visit our showroom here in Sheffield to speak with one of our experienced interior advisers.