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Why our homes are currently more important than ever

by Roxana Pelin 20 Jan 2021
<br>Why our homes are currently more important than ever

As we all currently work through the constraints of another lockdown the importance of our homes to stimulate us visually whilst providing comfort and a refuge is more important than ever. Many people will be feeling stifled and isolated as messages of ‘staying indoors’ constantly during the depth of winter quite frankly fills us with dread.

This is part of the reason why, over the last 10 weeks we’ve brought you a series of uniquely curated collections in partnership with ONE GOOD GIFT which have expressed how adding art to your home really provides the finishing touches needed to bring an interior alive and add that certain individual something which will set your scheme apart.

Because our homes have the power to heal and key to this is colour and creating a sanctuary for ourselves. Art has the ability to add to a sense of calm and relaxation to every room. Whether that’s a bold piece of ceramic art with contrasting glazes and bright primary tones or an abstract oil which evokes wild landscapes and the smell of sea and heather.


Think of creating sanctuaries in the home like our ’Calming Romance’ Dressing Area

Think of creating sanctuaries in the home like our ’Calming Romance’ Dressing Area

Home also holds the ability for our imaginations to go elsewhere if we build a mindset and stimulus inside it that allows for relaxation and soul searching. What we are currently being offered is a time for reflection and whilst for many who live alone or are elderly with health problems this is a time of extreme worry and loneliness, for those of us who live with loved ones and are secure in health and finances its an opportunity to count our many blessings.

In practical terms what this means is creating areas in your home built purely for enjoyment and alone time. Look at spaces in a new way and do something that’s entirely set apart from purely practical rooms for home working, cleaning and cooking or family areas where everyone piles around the evening telly for a takeaway.

Even if space is limited – if you can make room for one corner with a relaxing reading chair and screen that takes you away from the ‘noise’ to pick up a favourite book or listen to an old album you haven’t revisited for years then do it. Most importantly this area should be a place to display a piece of art you particularly find beautiful and brings you peace. That way when you glance up from what you’re reading or feel tempted to pick up a mobile device you’ll be taken back to a place of peace.

So if you’re thinking of ways to make your home a more relaxing and stimulating place to be take a look at the collections we’ve brought you over the last two and a half months. Whether you want tips on artfully arranging an existing collection of pieces or want a place of sanctuary to get ready in the morning we hope we can provide you with some inspiration.

Written by Luke O’Neil
Head of Marketing, Ponsford

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