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10 Accessories to Bring The Summer Indoors

by Roxana Pelin 05 Jun 2019
10 Accessories to Bring The Summer Indoors

We all love the British summertime, with the extra hour giving us more opportunities to be active outdoors and help us become fitter and healthier. And what better way to chill than relaxing in your garden, swinging on your hanging cocoon, listening to the noise of nature whilst enjoying a glass of bubbly? Sounds perfect, right?

However, realistically speaking, living with the Great British weather means that we can't spend as much time as we would like outside - even in the summer - as our fascinating weather is endlessly changing and often downright bizarre… nothing unusual there!

So, to help you out we wrote down ‘10 Accessories to Bring Summer Indoors’ after we previously looked into how you can transform your garden with beautiful furniture and accessories ready to host a season of fun.

Last week on the blog we talked about ‘10 Fun Bedroom Upgrades for the Kids’ and this week we'll focus even more on the indoors by offering up some budget-friendly, simple ideas that will add a little summer glam to your indoor living space

Paint and wallpaper

Repaint an accent wall or dress it in wallpaper. Look to nature for inspiration this summer and introduce floral patterns on feature wallpaper. With a new range of wallpaper inspired by this summer’s fashion trends available in our Sheffield store, there’s plenty to choose from when decorating for the sunny season. Wallpaper is a very popular way to bring the outdoors inside with fabulous designs - plus, it’s also so much easier to swap for new designs as the seasons and styles change.

Lightweight fabrics

This summer’s all about introducing watercolour prints, natural linens and lightweight silks into your home. Swap heavy curtaining for lightweight materials such as voile to invite more natural light into your room on those longer days and warmer evenings.

Check out our range with Montgomery Interiors for professional advice on how colour schemes and designs work together.

Brighten up your cushions

Replace winter cushions and heavy throws with lighter and brighter shades such as dusty pinks and light blues. Use our pebble cushions in bold colours to liven up your existing décor.

Don’t shy away from big cushions and even bean bags, they make great seats when scattered around the room.

Throws and blankets

Natural linens and lightweight fabrics will really help brighten and lift your room this summer - you can even combine and layer fine patterns and neutral block shades for a unique style.

Natural Rugs

Natural materials, such as sisal, are ideal for rugs in the warmer months, as are linen and cotton for soft furnishings and raw timber for flooring and furniture. The combination of these natural textures with colourful patterned accents creates a layered effect which is very on-trend this summer.

Create your own masterpiece with Alternative Flooring to completely change the personality of the room.

Faux Green Hydrangea

Faux Green Hydrangea

Pebble Cushions

Pebble Cushions

Sisal Herringbone Holbury

Sisal Herringbone Holbury

Decorative Bird Platter

Decorative Bird Platter


Swap lampshades for bold, bright, or translucent-coloured glass in blues and greens. Or, alternatively, invite the beach in with natural, rustic wooden materials that will transform your home into a seaside hideaway.

Visit us in store or browse our online lighting selection to pick your best match.

Flowers and plants

Bring a breath of fresh air into your home with a mixture of fresh flowers and plants. This little bit of nature is sure to bring a contemporary touch to any living space.

Fresh flowers in a glass vase or jar are just so perfect for summertime! Succulents are very popular and don't require a lot of water for maintenance. Potted plants, trees, and flowers - either real or faux - are great for bringing the outdoors inside also. If you struggle caring for your greenery, don’t shy away from faux plants. We have a large selection in store and our personal favourite is the green hydrangea, each one hand made and hand painted for a truly natural look.

Ceramic vases and platters

Visit us in store for a great selection of interior design accessories. You’ll find ceramic vases, platters, bowls and so much more. For centrepieces or vases use fruits and veggies, either real or faux. Nothing injects summer more than a bunch of lemons and limes!

Dress your walls

Make your interiors even more summery with a good selection of art. Look for something with a summer vibe: gentle watercolour inspired designs will add a splash of colour to the most contemporary of rooms. Choose frames that have that coastal feel and you'll feel like you’re not too far from the coast…

Bold metals

Metallic accents are a must-have this summer. Decorative items in gold or brass can make a glamorous statement no matter what your style is. Plus, the reflective surfaces help light bounce around a room.

To explore more stylish interior accessories, check our selection of decorative items online or, alternatively, visit our Sheffield store for even more inspiration.


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