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Style your home with the Vivienne Range

by Hannah Moran 14 Jul 2022
<br> Style your home with the Vivienne Range

This week in the ‘Styling Your Home This Summer’ series we focus our attention on the Alexander and James Vivienne collection. After a long day at the office, it eases your mind to know you have cosy space to simply unwind and relax in. The Vivienne collection oozes elegance and comfort. Its classic chesterfield design has been brought bang up to date to give it a cooler contemporary look. On top of that, the various fabric options allow you to add a personal touch to reflect your own sense of style.

Whether you’re looking to transform a living room or create a private reading nook the Vivienne collection includes a standard size chair and snuggler, so you can update smaller spaces with ease.  

A way to enrich your space is by using unique patterns and muted tones that complement your sofa. This week Soft Option Interiors, have recommend pairing the Vivienne Sofa with the Sarita Wallcovering by Romo, shown in the image below in the option Shadow. The Sarita design offers a diffused interpretation of fallen leaves layered on a rainforest floor and works well with the Vivienne fabric cushion options such as Artisan Mosaic Cocoa (also shown in the image below). 

Metallic accents and geometric shapes add a luxurious feel which work well together with the Sarita wallpaper as this soft but striking pattern adds an undeniable glamour to a room whilst working with dark and muted tones to give a watercolour effect. As shown in the image below the unique colourway of the wallcovering is a perfect backdrop for the Vivienne Sofa.

Golden tones and muted soft fabrics provide the perfect scheme for relaxation

When guests enter a room, one of the first things they notice is the décor and how it reflects you as a person. An easy way you can reflect your personality in a space is by adding accessories and art to showcase your style. 

You can also bring in added texture by taking small details from your furnishings to develop a cohesive story throughout your scheme. For instance, the antique gold metal studs as displayed below on the Vivienne sofa can be built upon by introducing more metallic tones and objects to create an opulent aesthetic in your living space.

In our Ponsford showroom, we have an abundance of decorative objects that work well with the Vivienne collection and the Sarita wallpaper. For example, introducing oversized vases in black metal like the Loop Handled Planter shown below along with abstract sculptures that have curvaceous shapes like the Polodoro Decorative Round Object also featured brings interesting silhouettes to complement the curves of the Vivienne sofa.

Adding decorative mirrored trays like the Blossom Trays also shown along with the Gold Autumn Leaf Bowls reflects the abstract floral motif in the wallpaper as well as giving your room a homely feel. Of course, with an array of metallic tones and golden hues a Solid Brass Candle Holder in a classic style like the one featured here is a must.  

 Allow your scheme to shine with glamorous metallic accessories

So, if you want to discover a sofa you’ll love this summer and experiment with accessories that add luxury and comfort into your home, then come and find out more about our Vivienne collection.

Accessories featured in this article and shown above:

Solid Brass Large Candle Holder: £58.00
Gold Autumn Leaf Bowl (Pair) £165.00
Soli Small Black Ceramic Table: £304.00
Vienna Antique Gold, Set of Two Blossom Trays £90.00
Polodoro Decorative Round Object: £101.00
Loop Double Handled Iron Medium 27cm Planter: £95.00

All decorative items featured in this article along with prices are available in-store only and are correct at the date and time of this article being published.
Please be aware that our range of home décor constantly changes and we are usually unable to place orders for home accessories once our stock has sold. 
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