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Cosy Up Your Living Room: Our Top 10 Tips

by Belle Gumbau 04 Oct 2018
Cosy Up Your Living Room: Our Top 10 Tips

As the autumn season signals its arrival, we all start anticipating cosying up on the sofa and enjoying the roar of an open fire with a soothing cup of something warming in hand.

By now we’ve all heard about Hygge, which, in a nutshell, is creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with the important people in your life. If you’re looking for ways to create warmth and cosiness in your own living room to enjoy either alone or with guests, here are our top 10 tips.

Add some small end tables

There’s nothing worse than enjoying a favourite drink or snack while being embroiled in the latest season of something salacious on Netflix but having nowhere to place a cup or bowl.

It might sound obvious but adding some strategically placed occasional tables is the best way to ensure there’s somewhere suitable to pop the remnants of any cinema-style snacking as you burrow down for a long night in on the sofa.

The Shades Oak Burlington Nest of 3 Tables combines curved soft lines with a design that means the tables can be tucked away until needed. The light wood finish also gives a contemporary touch if you’re not someone who likes darker or vintage wood tones.

Shades Oak Burlington Nest of 3 tables

Shades Oak Burlington Nest of 3 tables

Merengue Large Chaise Sofa

Merengue Large Chaise Sofa

Multicoloured wooden TV stand

Multicoloured wooden TV stand

Grange Jacob Coffee Table with retractable leaves

Grange Jacob Coffee Table with retractable leaves

Choose a sofa built for comfort

We all love the look of a stylish sofa with clean simple lines and elegant feet, but nothing beats sitting on something that cuddles you inside and out with comfort. Look for deep corner groups in a soft velvet finish for the ultimate ‘bed in your living room’ feel. A perpetual favourite with our customers is the Merengue large chaise sofa. Trust us when we say that the only issue you’ll have with this sofa is not falling asleep on it!

Lighting and layered textiles are a must

Keep your lighting levels lower with strategically positioned side lamps around the room; lights placed at different levels create atmospheric shadows. Coupling with candlelight and placing next to exposed brick walls and fireplaces is a particularly effective way of creating warm tones across a room. Take a look at some of the lighting options we have available to see in-store. This is just a small selection - we have many more tastes and styles to suit in each of the room sets across our 60,000ft showroom.

Multi-layered textiles with textures you can squeeze up against are a must for cosy living. Our customers particularly love our range of Dreamweaver’s pebble cushions which feel like the softest of massages against your face once you lie your head down.

Keep living room furniture soft and warm

If you’re looking for cosy in a living space then avoid sharp glass corners and harsh chrome metals. Warmer wood tones and subtle copper or brass accents are much more effective in building an atmosphere that glows as opposed to something stark and minimal.

This multicolour wooden TV stand adopts an upcycled approach to combine a mix of warm wooden tones along with painted accents and mismatched handles. This sort of lived-in look will help you achieve a cosy carefree feeling in your main living space.

Get a multifunctional coffee table

Large coffee tables provide a focal point for any living room, centralising a space for socialising and allowing you to serve informal feasts to guests as you gather round together.

Small spaces especially benefit from multifunctional pieces of furniture. If you’re looking for something offering storage along with a multi-level option to serve nibbles and drinks, then a piece like the Grange coffee table with retractable leaves gives your guests the perfect platform for plonking down their Pinot Noir!

Find a furniture shop with well-trained staff

Apologies for the shameless plug, but we do pride ourselves in having some of the best-trained people in the business here at our independently run furniture store in Sheffield. Finding someone who understands your needs, likes and dislikes when it comes to the interior scheme you have in mind is crucial. We make relationships with our customers that last a lifetime. So if you’re thinking about ‘upping the cosy’ in your home then come in and speak to us.

Acquire some candles for added cosiness

Okay, it might sound like a cliché but candles with your favourite scent are an all-time classic when it comes to adding atmosphere in a living space. We have a fantastic range of candles from Wax Lyrical along with room scent sprays and an array of different candle holders across the store.

Dreamweavers pebble cushion in grape

Dreamweavers pebble cushion

Matera Lamp Table

Matera Lamp Table

>Wax Lyrical Candles in-store

Wax Lyrical Candles in-store

Balance Content by Terence Conran Side Table

Balance Side Table Content by Conran

Eliminate drafts and noise

It’s a simple thing to do but can help make the biggest difference. Fitting a draft excluder around a door or further insulating a house that’s susceptible to noise or the cold is a surefire way to make nights spent at home that little bit cosier.

Add occasional tables with assorted objects

That doesn’t have to mean adopting a look laden with clutter. Occasional tables can be sleek and stylish, just like the Matera lamp table which offers a glossy wood-effect finish with contemporary styling. Perfect for placing a few go-to books or subtle vase on top to finish the setting of your scheme. A very affordable option is the balance side table from the Content by Terence Conran range of furniture. This wooden and brass designed table doubles as multi layer shelving perfect for stacking interesting objects and magazines.

Do what works for you

Cosy to one person can mean cloying to another. If you’re not someone that enjoys clutter or ‘things’ invading your personal space then stick to larger statement pieces when it comes to your home décor, such as a big luxury blanket that’s stored away until you feel the need to pull it over yourself on the darkest winter nights.

Doing what works for you is rule No. 1 when it comes to achieving a look that you consider cosy and warm. If clean, white space and fewer ornaments make you feel relaxed then go for it. Alternatively, if you like creating a womb-like safe space in your home then overstuffing and maximising displays with an assortment of objects can be a great route to go down.

In search of even more interior inspiration? Dive into the Ponsford blog to read more of our expert tips.

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