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"Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking."

by Angus Ponsford 24 Mar 2023
"Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking."
Anyone who’s seen the film The Devil Wears Prada will immediately recognise the reference in our headline: the moment when powerful fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly (played by Meryl Streep) scoffs sarcastically to the fashion editor who dares to suggest featuring florals for an upcoming spring issue. And yet florals are the thing that instinctively come to mind when celebrating the season of rebirth and renewal — especially in the home. Whether it’s a simple changing-up of your artwork or investing in a flower-printed new sofa, we think there’s no better way to celebrate the end of winter than with an uplifting bloom. Here, our guide to florals in-store…





We love the calming romance of a faded floral. These not-so-old fashioned prints will work just as well in a Cottagecore-inspired interior as they will an eclectic Maximalist one. 

L to R: Tetrad 'Bowmore' Sofa in 'Danbury Natural Floral' (displayed in-store); 'Weybourne' Compact sofa in 'Grenadina Teastain'; 'Stowe' Chair in 'Raphael Sienna' (displayed in-store).





Florals needn't be fuddy-duddy. We say, bring them bang up-to-date with bold, glamorous graphics and an electric colour palette. Disclaimer: Not suitable for shrinking violets.

L to R: Spink & Edgar ‘Monique’ bed (displayed in-store); Fama 'Supernatural' fabric option; Fama ‘Nina’ chair in ‘Baroque’ (available in-store); Spink & Edgar 'Tiffany' sofa (displayed in-store).




Yes, it is possible to indulge in florals without betraying your slick, minimalist principles. Stick to a monochromatic palette and those pretty blossoms will suddenly take on a graphic edge.

L to R: Parker Knoll ‘Etienne’ chaise in ‘Freya Slate’ (displayed in-store); 'Linea Bloom I' picture* £93 ; Perspex-framed silver flower picture*, £1029.





Artists have always found inspiration in flowers; using them as a symbol of joy and beauty. From Van Gogh's cherry blossoms to Ohara Koson-inspired waterlilies, we have you covered.

Brink & Campman Wedgwood 'Waterlily' rug (available to order in-store); 'Bloom by Van Gogh' cushion* £51; 'Captivating Blooms' picture* £134.

 *All accessories are available in-store only and subject to availability.


Don't forget, the clocks go forward this weekend — Sunday 26th March — marking the start of British Summertime.
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