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How big should my dining table be?

by Roxana Pelin 17 Aug 2017
How big should my dining table be?

As you decide which dining set to purchase, think about how often you entertain and how many people usually attend.If all your family lives nearby, a larger dining table would be a worthy investment.

On the other hand, if the family doesn't visit that often, an oversized table might not get much use. If you prefer to have options, purchase one with a table leaf so you can accommodate guests but still have a smaller option for more intimate gatherings.

Whatever the size, be sure it fits the space. Measure the table and think about chair movement to ensure that everyone can get in and out without much effort.

The material is mostly dictated by the overall style of the space; after all, your furniture should reflect your taste.

Darker woods, such as cherry and mahogany, are often seen as elegantly traditional, while dark metals, concrete, and wood/metal mixtures are mostly contemporary.

Colourful plastics are modern and playful, while glass can be modern or traditional, depending on the base material used.

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