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by Angus Ponsford 06 Jun 2024
Buying a new sofa is a big deal — we get it. A considered purchase, your new sofa will be the focal point of your living room; the place where you spend quality time with loved ones (including the furry, four-legged kind), watch TV, read, work, eat, nap… and cuddle. So it’s important to get it right. To make what can be a daunting task that little bit easier, we’ve put together this guide to buying the perfect sofa. Enjoy!



MAGNIFICENT MODULARS: the 'Penny' modular corner sofa as displayed in store; the Fama 'Arianna Love' modular sofa.



How many times have we seen a customer fall head-over-heels in love with a sofa; only to be disappointed when they realise it’s way too big for their room... and wouldn’t even fit through the front door. So first thing's first: get out your tape measure! 

If your existing sofa is about the right size, measure up before coming into store so that you are already armed with the ideal dimensions. If you’re looking to buy a corner sofa for the first time or furnish a new space, measure the whole space you have to work with so that we can help you find the best configuration.

Just as important as the sofa measurements are the measurements of doorways — both external and internal  and staircases if you live in an apartment. Consider the route your sofa needs to travel when it's unloaded from the delivery van to its final destination, and measure everything it will need to pass through to gain access. If access is limited, you may need to opt for a modular sofa that can be delivered in sections, or a sofa with removable legs. If you're still unsure and need help, we have a complimentary ACCESS CHECK service. Ask in store for details.



LAZY CHAISE DAYS: Stressless 'Stella' and the Ercol 'Aosta'



Seat depths and seat heights do vary so, depending on whether you're long-legged or short-legged, you will need to find a sofa with the right seat depth to ensure good back support. Do the Sit Test: position yourself with the small of your back firmly in the back of the sofa. Your legs should be at a right angle with your feet on the floor. If your legs dangle and don't touch the floor, you need to try a shallow seat. If the back of your knee is not supported by the edge of the front cushion, you need to get a deeper seat.

It's also a good idea to consider how you relax and lounge on your sofa. If you like to lie down, make sure your sofa is long enough to stretch out on, or consider a sofa with a chaise end (like the ones featured above) or recliner function.



FABRIC OR LEATHER? Natuzzi Editions Boston in fabric; Natuzzi Editions Portento in leather



Most people start out with definite ideas about whether they want fabric or leather before they start sofa shopping. However, if you have a busy family home with children or indulged pets, you're going to need upholstery that's easy to spot clean. 

FABRIC is still a popular choice due to the wide variety of colours, patterns, textures that are available. Plus, the combination of natural and synthetic fibres creates a feel that is both cosy but durable. Synthetic fabrics are also better at being fade-resistant — a great option if you're choosing a dark-coloured sofa or one that will be placed in direct sunlight. Velvet is a popular choice with Ponsford customers because of its rich, jewel-like quality and the way it adds a luxe touch to any interior. Be aware that the pile on velvet fabric can flatten where you sit.

LEATHER sofas can be easier to clean and tend to look better as they age. Like a much loved leather jacket, a leather sofa acquires a patina which adds to its character. Similarly, the leather will stretch and slacken as it wears.


We recommend that all new sofas are treated with STAINGUARD. Available on both fabric and leather, you will have peace of mind for 5 years. Ask in store for details.  


POWER UP WITH AN ELECTRIC RECLINER SOFA: G Plan 'Kingsbury', Sherborne 'Roma',  Parker Knoll 'Boston'



Your choice of sofa filling will determine the feel of the cushions and how high maintenance your sofa is going to be.

FEATHERS — There is no denying the sumptuousness of a feather-filled sofa but that natural, softness comes at a price: cushions will need regular plumping and turning to keep their fresh, fluffed-up appearance. Be prepared to put the work in and avoid if you're hypoallergenic.

FIBRE — Fibre fillings still need maintenance (we suggest plumping and turning cushions every other day) but less so than feather. Made from hollow polyester strands pumped full of air, fibre fillings have a soft, relaxed feel and a plump appearance. 

FOAM — Providing the firmest support of all the filling options, foam keeps its structured appearance and requires little maintenance. (We suggest turning the cushions occasionally to ensure the sofa wears evenly.) Be mindful that all new foam will lose some of its firmness and volume over the first few months of use.



FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Natuzzi Editions Large White Leather Sofabed, shown in sofa mode and bed mode. Displayed in store.



Many of our best selling sofas come with electrical or manual recliner functions. Some customers want the benefits of an electric recliner without the trip hazard of electrical leads etc, and so battery power is an option on certain sofa models.

You might also wish to consider a sofa that turns into a luxurious bed whenever you need to accommodate visiting family or friends. Ideal for spare rooms (that double up as a guest room) and studio apartments where you want to get the most out of limited space, our sofa beds include premium mattresses to ensure a good nights sleep.


All our sofas are unwrapped and checked at our warehouse in Dronfield before being re-packaged and delivered directly to the room of your choice. Our White Glove Delivery Service includes full assemblage / testing so that your purchase is ready to enjoy.

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